This is a COMMON question I get asked!!! What can I have for snacks…?

So here are some great – SNACK IDEAS:

✔️Leftover Food (e.g. Roast veg & Hummus)

✔️Some Nut Bars ( look for low sugar and minimal added ingredients)
✔️Brown Rice Crackers with Avo & Tomato

✔️Protein or Bliss Ball (homemade are best)

✔️Canned Tuna, Avo

 ✔️Cold Meats with Cottage Cheese
✔️Super Smoothies or Protein Shakes

✔️Healthy Granola & Greek yoghurt
✔️Sushi Roll & Miso
✔️Vegetable Sticks & Dip
✔️Curried Egg (with mayo) on Sourdough

Just remember the snacks don’t always have to look like what we normally think of as ‘snacks’. Get creative and think outside the box